Who do I call when?

The TV reception goes during the big game?

– GCI Cable   786-9200

The water stops before I can rinse away the bubbles?

– Potter Creek Water Company 888-770-7688 or visit  www.pcwc358.com

I need sewer hookup?

– Anchorage Water & Wastewater Utility  564-2700

I smell natural gas?

– ENSTAR 277-5551

My trash runneth over?

– Anchorage Refuse  563-3717

Dog barking is disturbing my afternoon cat nap?

– Animal Control  343-8122

I need a resale certificate, have a dues question or have another issue I need help with?

– PMSI  (Property Management Services, Inc.) 562-2929

September 11 2008 04:46 pm

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